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Pest Control Services In Tempe Arizona


Pest Control TempeTempe Arizona is a booming college town filled with people, food, and businesses. Tempe has a lot to offer the community as it continues to support an ever revolving door of college students as ASU is located in the middle of town, just off Mill Ave. Tempe has a lot to offer students and residents that live near campus. There is live music, arts and crafts, comedy clubs, and the Tempe Town Beach Park. If you head on down to Mill Ave you will find plenty of places to hang out and grab a bite to eat. Mill Ave attracts a college crowd in the evenings and can get pretty busy, the strip is filled with bars and restaurants.  If you make it to Tempe for some food, you gotta check out the Yard. It has decent food and a great outdoor atmosphere that makes hanging out in the evening a ton of fun. The ambiance at the Yard is always upbeat and friendly. For many of the local residents in surrounding cities like Mesa, Scottsdale, Phoenix, Chandler, Gilbert, Peoria, and Surprise, they all make the trip to Tempe to enjoy the restaurants and many of the cool local shops. There are amazing art galleries, restaurants, and music venues. Becuase of the warm temperatures and busy city streets, it’s not uncommon to see a cockroach roaming the sidewalk in Tempe, or a rodent jumping out of a dumpster. There are definitely areas that are worse off in that regard and don’t have good pest control methods in place to either eliminate or control unwanted critters roaming the street. The best thing you can do if you see a cockroach or a rodent in a Tempe restaurant is to suggest that the restaurant manager call Green Home Pest Control in Tempe to evaluate the conditions and create a pest control plan for the property. If you don’t experience any encounters with undesired insects or rodents then chances are the facility is a client of ours and we provide their pest control in Tempe.

Areas In Tempe We Treat

We provide pest control services to all of Tempe (not just down town). We cover the entire radius shown in the embedded Google map below.

The most common bugs in the city of Tempe are cockroaches, while rats lead the way for rodent control in Tempe. There aren’t many problems with rattlesnakes in Tempe, although there have been cases of them coming down from South mountain and coiling up in the yard of a Tempe residence. There are parts of Tempe that still experience snake problems. The Tempe Hotels will call on occasion for bed bug removal services. I won’t call out any pest control phoenix azHotel specifically, it happens to everyone, but it is disgusting when they don’t notice for a long time and the bed bugs have a chance to fester. When those situations arise we take the bed bug removal process very serious as not to spread them out. Keeping the treatment area centralized and consolidated is key to making sure the bugs don’t spread to another room or even within the room being treated.

Green Home Pest Control Tempe

Our Mesa location is located near Tempe Arizona. We are family owned with your best interests in mind. We are eco-minded and still able to produce effective results that can completely eliminate your pest problems.

We understand the hassle as well as health problems that unwanted pests in your Tempe home can cause and that is why we do our best to completely eliminate your problem. Other companies will use harsh chemicals to control your pests. We have a more environmentally friendly approach so you will not be exposed to harsh chemicals and we can reduce the impact on the environment and provide better pest control in Tempe.

>When you call us (480) 525-7378, you will talk to one of our representatives that lives right here in the valley, not an overseas representative. Because all of our representatives live in the area, they completely understand all of the pest problems you are experiencing in Tempe.

The owner of our company stays actively involved in all of our daily operations as our primary goal is to ensure that you are satisfied. If for any reason, you aren’t satisfied with the service you receive, simply give us a call. As we are family owned, our owner will be more than happy to talk with you and help resolve any issue that you may have. This is not true of most service companies but we pride ourselves on our approachability and great service.

Our team is made up of multiple licensed professionals and our combined experience amounts to more than 30 years, meaning that we can help you while using the best techniques available. Our experience also allows us to help you with any Tempe pest control problem no matter how large or small it is. Not only will we remove all of the pests from your house using eco-friendly methods, but we will schedule regular inspections and treatments as a follow-up to ensure that your home stays pest-free.

Our goal is to control your pests more quickly than our competitors and do so in a more professional and responsible manner as well. When you give us a call, we hope to exceed your pest control expectations in Tempe today. Call us now at (480) 525-7378

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